The Youth Leadership Shelby County Program is a challenging and rewarding experience for all that take part in the program. The program is offered to students entering the 11th grade in Shelby County and is designed to encourage young people to be socially, conscientious leaders of the future by providing them with the experience, vision, and opportunity to lead.

The six month program meets on the first Tuesday of each month. On each class day, students have the opportunity to meet community decision makers and to engage them in frank, off the record discussions on current issues. A wide range of topics exposes participants to the decisions facing our communities today. Emphasis is on active, hands-on experience that makes the learning meaningful and interesting.

There is no cost to participate in the program. The LSC Alumni Association sponsors the youth program.

Opening Retreat

November (two days)

Objective: To foster team building among Youth Leadership Shelby County class participants and to introduce the Leadership program concepts and processes.

Health & Human Services Day


Objective: To gain knowledge and understanding of what is happening in the healthcare arena and to heighten awareness of preventive strategies for health.

Justice System Day


Objective: To gain knowledge and understanding of law enforcement, court system, community corrections and juvenile services.

Government Day


Objective: To provide an understanding of the formal and informal processes of non-judicial aspects of state government, ways in which it relates to Shelby County, and ways in which leaders can be effective in the processes.

Education Day

Early April

Objective: To help prepare students in the transition from high school to college and to expose students to college and career opportunities.

Graduation Ceremony

Late April

Objective: Graduation ceremony and presentation of group projects.

Applications for Youth Leadership Shelby County are now open! Applications are due by 4:00pm on Friday, September 15, 2023.