Leadership Shelby County is open to persons living and/or working in Shelby County at the time of application. A maximum of 40 individuals will be selected to participate in the program.

Class members are chosen by the Leadership Shelby County Selection Committee on their own merits based on the information completed on the application. The Committee seeks representation from a cross section of the community including business, labor, education, the arts, religion, government, and community-based organizations. The Committee looks for potential participants who demonstrate commitment and motivation to the Shelby County area, policy-shaping responsibility or leadership in employment and/or volunteer organizations resulting in the potential to have significant influence on important issues facing the county, and ability to make the time commitment required by the program.

The nine month program starts with a mandatory Opening Retreat in September and ends in May with the Graduation Ceremony. On each class day, participants have the opportunity to meet community decision makers and to engage them in frank, off the record discussions on current issues. A wide range of topics exposes participants to the decisions facing our communities today. Emphasis is on active, hands-on experience that makes the learning meaningful and interesting.

Because class size is limited and the selection process competitive, it is not unusual for a candidate to be nominated more than one year before being selected. Leadership Shelby County tuition is $795.00 per each participant, payable at the time of acceptance. Class members are required to attend all sessions. Applicants must have full support of the organization or corporation they represent.

Opening Retreat
Month: September

Objective: To foster team building among Leadership Shelby County class participants and to introduce the Leadership program concepts and processes.

Shelby County Day
Month: October

Objective: To create an awareness of the rich heritage of Shelby County and planting seeds for the future.

Education Day
Month: November

Objective: To gain an accurate perspective of education in Shelby County by exposing class participants to educational resources and examining critical issues facing K-12 through higher education.

Justice System Day
Month: December

Objective: To gain knowledge and understanding of law enforcement, court system, community corrections and juvenile services.

Economic Development Day
Month: January

Objective: To give knowledge and understanding of the various organizations that work together to promote economic and industrial development in Shelby County.

Healthcare Day
Month: February

Objective: To gain knowledge and understanding of what is happening in the healthcare arena and to heighten awareness of preventive strategies for health.

Government Day
Month: March

Objective: To provide an understanding of the formal and informal processes of non-judicial aspects of state government, ways in which it relates to Shelby County, and ways in which leaders can be effective in the processes.

DiscoverShelby Day
Month: April

Objective: To become aware of assets and amenities we have in the County that attract Shelby County as a tourist destination.

Graduation Ceremony
Month: May

Graduation ceremony and presentation of group projects.